Solana Mobile 2最新空投:Honeyland cNFT

2024年5月20日,Solana Mobile 2@solanamobile转帖:

Honeyland (🥚, 🐝)@PlayHoneyland
The top 30,000 most active wallets that pre-ordered the @SolanaMobile Chapter 2 just got a custom Honeyland cNFT airdropped.

Hold that NFT in your Game Wallet at the time of the@PlayHoneyland snapshot May 31st to get a custom badge and 250 bonus pts in the Honeyland Airdrop.

Solana Mobile 2最新空投:Honeyland cNFT


预购 @SolanaMobile 第 2 章的前 30,000 个最活跃的钱包刚刚获得了定制的 Honeyland cNFT 空投。

在 5 月 31 日 @PlayHoneyland 快照时将该 NFT 保存在您的游戏钱包中,即可获得自定义徽章和 250 点 Honeyland 空投奖励积分。

Huge thanks to@GameShift_dev for making the 30,000 wallet airdrop as easy as possible.

If you weren’t in the top 30K, but have@SolanaMobile Chapter 2 pre-ordered, you can use this form to request the Honeyland cNFT. It’ll be airdropped before May 31st:


非常感谢 @GameShift_dev 您让 30,000 钱包的空投尽可能简单。

如果您不在前 30K 名中,但已 @SolanaMobile 预订第 2 章,您可以使用此表格申请 Honeyland cNFT。它将在 5 月 31 日之前空投:

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